Stage Machinery

For: University of Sydney (MArch) / Sydney Festival

Date: 2012

Design Team: Stephen Clement, Thomas Rubenach

Scope: Design for temporary, relocatable performance space for initial use in Sydney Festival 2013

Location: Sydney, Australia

Stage Machinery was completed as part of my studies for the Master of Architecture at The University of Sydney. The project brief was for the design of a temporary, relocatable theatrespace for use initially as part of Sydney Festival 2013 and at a variety of festivals and performance events in the future.

The point of departure for the proposal was the black box theatre, looking at the idea of a flexible performance space and extending this idea into a space that is scalable, dynamic and responsive to each individual performance. The black box was modularised and connected to a dynamic machine that was capable of performing alongside its human counterparts. The machine became not only a functional device, but a performance in its own right and a representation of the typically unseen “machine” that is the rigorous, extensive process involved in the creation and execution of a performance.

Concept - Modularisation


Concept - Performance as Machine

Performance As Machine 1

Performance As Machine 2

Concept - Machine as Performance

Machine As Performance

The Machine - The Forms


The Machine - The Space


Sydney Festival - St. Marys Iteration

Site Plan

Long Section

Elevation and Plans

Sydney Festival Render

Sydney Fringe - Enclosed Iteration

Sydney Fringe Render

Sydney NYE - Dynamic Ceiling Iteration

Sydney NYE Render

Fashion Week Sydney - Runway Iteration

Sydney Fashion Week Render

Vivid Sydney - Projection Iteration

Vivid Sydney Interior Render

Vivid Sydney Exterior Render

Photographs and Drawings © Stephen Clement Designs