Collaroy House

For: Private Employer

Date: 2013 – Ongoing (DA Approval August 2014)

Design Team: Stephen Clement, Michelle Dunas

Scope: New Residential Dwelling

Location: Collaroy, NSW

The Collaroy House is the design for a new dwelling located along Collaroy Beach. The design aims to maximise the amenity of the site through sensitive and opportunistic design that makes the most of the many positive elements that the environment offers, whilst avoiding or minimising the negative effects of the adjacent major road and close proximity of neighbouring properties

The design is based around a lower level that contains all necessary living spaces for the ageing owners. Public elements of the house are pushed towards the East to maximise outlook and connection to the beach. Service elements are pushed to the south and form a buffer that morphs to allow for organic circulation. A courtyard to the North is aligned to a neighbouring courtyard to maximise amenity and provides light and views to both the master bedroom and living spaces.

The upper level contains multiple bedrooms and a secondary living space. A folded roof form allows for access to light, ventilation and potential views to the east, without creating adverse overlooking or reducing individual privacy. The roof form opens to the beach, whilst closing the building off to the street, creating an environment that is focused on the peaceful and rejects the outside world.


Site Plan

Ground Floor

Ground Floor

Long Section

Long Section

Ocean Elevation

Ocean Elevation

Street View

Street Render

Photographs and Drawings © Stephen Clement Designs